A single Energy Tree has the ability to completely power a three-bedroom home while enhancing the natural décor of its surroundings. Excess electricity may be sold back to the grid as a secondary source of income. A “garden” of Energy Trees can power a neighbourhood or community. Energy Trees, “planted” on the side of the road, provide electric cars with a seamless solution to their energy needs. Products

The Energy Tree converts solar and wind energy into electricity thanks to its innovative construction and components.

The stronger the wind and the more powerful the sun, the more electricity is produced. By utilizing high-quality thermoplastics from renewable resources such as lignin, SolarBotanic achieves an outstanding level of efficiency while furthering its ecological mission.


Nanoleaves, composed of nantenna electromagnetic collectors, convert both “visible” and “invisible” radiation into electricity.

This sophisticated approach allows for energy to be gathered at a high efficiency even after the sun has set, or on a cloudy day.

High-tech piezoelectric ribbons are integrated into the branches, twigs and leafstalks.

These high-resistance ribbons harvest a substantial amount of kinetic energy as the tree responds to environmental forces with tension, compression, bending, shear and torsion. Wind, as well as vibrations and raindrops thus contribute to the Energy Tree’s gathering of convertible energy.

Once produced, the electricity travels down a trunk made of high-strength recycled polymers and synthetic resin.

The electricity may then be stored or transferred, by way of specially designed connectors, to power a home or electric car, or to be sold back to the grid as an eco-friendly source of income.

The robust construction of the Energy Tree’s components allows it to weather the most turbulent of conditions.

The combination of nanoleaves and piezoelectric ribbons ensures a fruitful harvest of electricity throughout the seasons – rain or shine.

By emulating the natural shapes of nature, the Energy Tree boasts a generous three-dimensional surface by which to gather energy.