The Vision

To create a low-cost, renewable source of energy capable of fully powering a home while enhancing its natural surroundings.

Inspired by the leaf’s sophisticated process of photosynthesis, the Energy Tree imitates and improves one of nature’s greatest phenomena of energy efficiency.

The story

As the effects of climate change continue to threaten the sustainability of our planet’s fragile ecosystem, Solar Botanic has embarked on a mission toward a veritable paradigm shift in green-energy technology.

Electricity harnessed at an unprecedented efficiency from the combination of wind and solar energy.

SolarBotanic's radical innovation provides the opportunity for a never-before-seen degree of energy autonomy, all the while significantly reducing cost, both financially and in terms of environmental impact.

In collaboration with the prestigious engineering department of London’s Brunel University, Solar Botanic has transformed an ambitious vision into a reality. The overwhelming success of the Energy Tree’s proof of concept has paved the way for a final step of research and development.

The future

This final stage will result in a revolution as to the way we power our homes, communities and transportation infrastructure. The necessary funding will allow Solar Botanic, in partnership with Brunel University, to perfect the last details of the technology and reach its definitive goals of energy output, cost, design and efficiency.