Solar Botanic Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell

  1. Energy security: as the fuel cell is regenerative it will keep on working and supplying energy for 10 days even with no sun or wind to power it, and can be sized for seasonal storage, allowing summer’s overproduction from solar to be used during the dark winter months.

  2. Efficient & reliable; optimized integration increases the efficiency and reduces wear-and-tear of components, allowing more energy to be generated over a longer lifetime.

  3. Safe; hydrogen used in the cell is stored in a solid-state container in solid form at 10bar– well below the pressure of hydrogen vehicles which are up to 700 bar.

  4. Secure & resilient; the RHFC is made from efficient durable materials, housed in a robust anti-theft container and monitored by CCTV.

  5. Clean; zero on-site greenhouse-gas emissions, by-products of heat and water are internally re-used in the processes.

  6. Inexpensive; cheaper than existing cell tower energy systems and saving up to £390,000 over its lifetime compared to diesel gensets.

  7. Smart; real-time, cloud-based data collection allows for predictive maintenance advice, fault monitoring, self-learning operation optimization, where even machines operational in different locations communicate and learn from each other.